Gac passenger vehicles visit our company to verify the qualification

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  From September 10 to 11, 2019, gac passenger vehicle technology and procurement engineers, led by director gao, conducted a two-day qualification review of our company. The audit team reviewed the company's quality management system, technical force, production capacity, process control, product quality, cost control and other aspects.
  On September 10, the review group held a meeting. The general manager, deputy general manager and department head attended the meeting. Gac director introduced in detail the audit process, matters needing attention, evaluation scope, evaluation basis and related requirements. The general manager of our company warmly welcomed the audit team and required all relevant departments to prepare for and cooperate with them to successfully complete the review.
  The audit team conducted a careful review of the company's raw material procurement, production process control, cost control, safety management and other aspects through on-site inspection, document review and face-to-face communication with relevant personnel of various departments. During the audit process, the audit team also communicated with relevant departments regarding some problems found, and put forward valuable Suggestions. Meanwhile, it also Shared some good experience in production process control, production site management and other aspects. In the summary meeting, the general manager of our company Shared with the audit team the achievements made by our company in the recent implementation of lean production and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of all departments in 2019, which were fully recognized and praised by the audit team.
  After two days of intense work, the experts of the audit group agreed that the quality management system of our company was running well, and the processes of quality activities were effectively managed and controlled. The basic management work is relatively solid and comprehensive, and the financial management is legal and compliant. We also recognize the size and strength of our company, and meet the requirements of gac passenger car qualified supplier access. At the meeting, director gao also invited the senior management of our company to study and communicate with gac.
  This time, our company was able to successfully pass the gac passenger car qualified supplier on-site audit, which also laid a foundation for the company's business development in gac passenger car. The company will take this as an opportunity to accelerate the pace of product research and development, strive for progress, better service gac passenger vehicles and customers.