The municipal equipment manufacturing association came to our company for the research of enterprise intelligence informatization

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  On September 17, led by jinjiang equipment manufacturing association, foxconn industrial Internet company, Digiwin Software Co.
  Information experts and I promote leadership in my company informatization situation has carried on the exchange, our company leaders introduced the ERP, OA, MES software application and existing problems, and at the same time introduces the company late to the idea of informatization, automation, digital propulsion, hope that through digital to achieve good control quality, through automation implementation of humanization, less by informationization to improve working efficiency is high, with "three" to better support the company's intelligent manufacturing.
  Accompanied by the heads of relevant departments of the company, the experts went to the production site of the company for investigation and on-site investigation of the company's information construction.
  The research experts gave a high evaluation on the company's informatization promotion and imagination, and gave good Suggestions on the improvement of equipment interconnection, warehousing and logistics, quality management and traceability, production plan management and other process businesses. And said that will give enterprise support, help the company to do a good job of intelligent promotion work.