American Canoo company visited our company

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  On July 17, liang songtao, vice President of procurement of Canoo company in China, and xu nailong, procurement manager of Canoo company in China, came to our company for a cooperative investigation on the new energy vehicle gear project. The purpose of this visit is that Canoo plans to inspect and select a number of new energy vehicle gear suppliers in China before the production batch in China in 2021. Canoo can initially establish cooperation with the United States company, in the manual transmission to automatic transmission transformation and upgrading and the rapid development of new energy vehicle marketization trend, continue to promote product upgrading and market upgrading results. Before that, American Canoo company learned that our company had supplied a large quantity of new energy automobile gear to byd, so it immediately sent the relevant person in charge to our company for investigation and exchange. This management meeting was reached on the basis of full understanding and trust. Through this exchange and field visit, the procurement director of Canoo China gave full affirmation to our technical strength and quality assurance capability, and invited our technical team to conduct technical exchange with the American technical team by telephone on July 19th. At the meeting, Mr. Liang agreed to reach a preliminary cooperation intention with our company. The cooperation between chengda and Canoo marks a new and solid step for chengda gear in the field of new energy vehicle gear.