Shengrui drive visit our company

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  Don't open a door, how to know a group of people! When we have our own dreams and beliefs, we will attract people with the same goal, hand in hand, the circle determines the future! The purchasing manager of shengrui transmission, the first brand of China's autonomous 8AT automatic transmission, came to our company for audit and visit. Shengrui transmission choose to cooperate with us, mainly focus on our company has many years of mass production AT automatic transmission shaft teeth experience and ability, chengda has successfully stepped into the AT automatic transmission gear shaft processing ring, and stand firm. Few companies in China have this experience and capability.
  The general manager of our company welcomed the guests and introduced the development of chengda gear to them. At the same time, our company's product development department minister zhou explained to sheng rui the process preparation of the parts to be developed. ShengRui drive purchasing manager to our ShengRui drive the company's products and its application was introduced in detail, ShengRui drive independent research and development of the world's first lead precursor 8 block automatic transmission (at) to fill the domestic blank, won the state science and technology progress award in 2016, and has been put on the market, formed the 600000 annual production capacity, in Germany, the United States set up r&d center, Beijing, Qingdao, has more than 576 patents and 110 invention patents.
  After the meeting, shengrui transmission went to the site of the factory for a visit and review of the whole process from the beginning of raw materials to the end of packaging, and conducted product review for specific projects. Our sales, technical and quality teams accompanied and participated in the whole process, and introduced to the customer the current batch production of AT automatic transmission shaft gear processing, company capacity, quality and quality control and a series of key issues.
  The visit, the two sides to carried on the thorough discussion of the project cooperation, ShengRui transmission hope we can cooperate with quickly developed the required products and production, to our technical ability and the equipment level of highly appreciated, and hope we can cooperate with ShengRui transmission to conduct a comprehensive, achieve complementary and win-win and common development!