Byd new energy car gear order broke ten thousand

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  Up to June 20, our company supplied nearly 10,000 sets of reduction gear for byd new energy, breaking the historical peak. Today's outstanding performance is due to the fact that the company keeps pace with the development and change of the product market in 2017. Under the general trend of the transformation and upgrading of manual transmission to automatic transmission and the rapid development of the marketization of new energy vehicles, the company continues to promote product upgrading and market upgrading.
  At present, the company has realized the overall layout of the auto transmission parts market of its own brand, and has obtained a higher market share. Based on the company's layout and priority development in the field of new energy vehicles, the proportion of sales of related drive components is growing rapidly. Since this year, many new energy projects developed in the early stage of cooperation with byd and saic-gm-wuling have gradually entered the mass production stage, and the product quality has been recognized by domestic and foreign peers and many customers. The supporting business of the company's new energy vehicles is growing rapidly. In addition to the mass production of many projects of byd and saic-gm, the company has successively established new energy project cooperative relations with many customers such as NTN, gac, aichi automobile and Evergrande automobile in Japan. The new energy gear project of the company has a promising future.