Guangdong Evergrande power technology co., LTD. Visited the company for project research

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  On June 19, guangdong Evergrande power technology co., LTD., a leading real estate enterprise of China Evergrande group, visited our company to investigate the gear production capacity of new energy vehicles. ChengDa gear uphold the "adult for himself, to oneself's got talent", and "become the auto parts industry health standard" vision, insist on quality, stick to the term, and the company now has become a new energy cars byd strategic partners, this is also the attraction Evergrande power technology co., LTD. Is the important reason for the visit.
  Guangdong hengda new energy technology co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evergrande group, was established in April 2019. With a total investment of 300 billion yuan, the company has established 10 production bases in China, which are divided into three sectors: motor manufacturing, battery manufacturing and vehicle manufacturing. Evergrande group began its transformation last year, forming an industrial pattern based on real estate, with tourism culture and health maintenance as two wings and new energy vehicles as the leader. In three to five years, Evergrande will be built into a large and powerful new energy vehicle group in the world, achieving the goal of producing 5 million new energy vehicles annually.
  At the meeting, the leaders of both sides introduced their own enterprises and exchanged views on the cooperation projects. Both sides believed that there were good prospects for cooperation in the business of new energy reducer and motor, and made arrangements for the follow-up technology docking, hoping to start the cooperation project as soon as possible.
  After the meeting, the customer also paid a special visit to the production line of yadi new energy vehicle gear and motor shaft, as well as the processing of new energy vehicle samples that are being trial-produced with alci automobile, guangdong corun and gac group. In the company's gear grinding workshop, I saw that our company bought a lot of imported gear grinding equipment and strong honing equipment, gave our company a high evaluation of gear grinding equipment level. Manager CAI said that chengda gear is a high - tech enterprise with standard management and technology priority. Through this investigation, Evergrande group is also more confident about the strength of chengda gear. Both sides expressed the hope to cooperate in evergrande new energy vehicle gear and work together to achieve the strategic goal of mutual benefit and win-win.