Competing for a 150,000-class SUV: red sea or Dead Sea?

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  Recently, automobile industry "in the year exam" report card is announced, among them, SUV market cross class competition already entered white-hot, present joint venture compact class and small class, as well as the compact class SUV of independent brand close combat situation, "class of three countries kill" will be more and more intense.
  According to the list of the top 10 SUV sales in June released by the China passenger car federation (hereinafter referred to as the passenger car federation), there are seven joint venture brands and only three independent brands. From the model level, there are 8 compact suvs and only 2 small suvs. Moreover, from the selling price of compact SUV and small SUV, it can be seen that the selling price range is between 80,000 and 350,000, among which the price of joint venture and independent brand overlaps at about 150,000, forming a competitive relationship between joint venture brand SUV and independent brand compact SUV.
  In this regard, cui dongshu, secretary-general of the federation, said to the reporter: "at present in about 150,000 SUV, the competition between the joint venture brand and the independent brand is more fierce, with the level and price of the joint venture brand have been falling, independent brand alone by cross-level competition will not be able to occupy the initiative."
  The main growth driver of the car market is 150,000 level models
  In recent years, Chinese automobile consumption market, SUV market continues to be hot. Data showed that SUV sales in the first half of the year totaled 3.8501 million units, up 44.26 percent year-on-year, while sedan sales totaled 5.5686 million units, down 3.91 percent year-on-year.
  Relevant personage analysis says, in SUV market, although the market share of compact class SUV still is larger, but small SUV growth is amazing. In the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume of the small SUV market reached 1,010,500 units, up 27.74 percent year-on-year, and it has occupied more than a quarter of the SUV market in the first half of 2016.
  Reporters visited a number of Beijing outlets found that now the market joint venture compact class SUV preferential margin is relatively large, some models even down to about 150,000. Although there are many options for independent brands at this price at present, consumers have great confusion about which models to choose: low-fitting compact joint venture model or high-fitting independent brand model, or small SUV joint venture with relatively complete configuration?
  It is understood that the number of about 150,000 SUV reached more than 50 models, and mainly concentrated in small SUV and compact SUV. Half of the top 10 suvs sold in June were covered by price ranges. The models at this price mainly include compact SUV of joint venture brand, small SUV and compact SUV of independent brand, among which the joint venture brand covers 5 models of Japanese series, 4 models of Korean series, 2 models of legal system and 2 models of American series.
  From the market sales performance, the first half of the performance of Japanese small SUV particularly eye-catching. Japanese main is within the range of about 150000 small SUV, respectively is guangzhou Honda bean and dongfeng Honda XR - V, from the point of the sales of June, bean intellectual ranks and win the small SUV segment, year-on-year growth of forty point percent, year-on-year growth in the first half of the total sales reached forty-three point percent, and dongfeng Honda XR - V in the first half of the total sales year-on-year growth of sixty-one point percent.
  In this segment, the growth of Korean cars is second only to that of Japanese cars. At present, South Korea is a small SUV in this field, namely ix25 and kia KX3, among which the cumulative sales growth of ix25 and kia KX3 in the first half of the year is 15.2% and 812.9%, respectively.
  In addition, the compact suvs of the joint venture brands at this price mainly include the Japanese Mazda cx-4, dongfeng nissan xiao ke and mitsubishi jin-hyun ASX, the Korean hyundai ix35 and kia smart run. In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of Japanese and Japanese customers increased by 124.5 percent year-on-year, while the cumulative sales of Korean ix35 decreased by 25.3 percent year-on-year. It can be seen from this that the small SUV of joint venture brand is gradually gaining strength and the compact class is not very good in this field as a whole.
  Yan jinghui, an auto marketing expert, said: "among the 150, 000 or so models, the audience base is very large, satisfying the majority of the salaried class. Although the independent brand is still the main force in this field, the joint venture brands have increased the preferential margin and segmented the product layout. "Consumers tend to prefer joint venture models when choosing between self-owned brands and joint venture brands at the same price, resulting in less and less market space for self-owned brands."
  Joint venture continues to explore the red sea or the Dead Sea
  The RGL association statistics, in the first quarter of this year the SUV market sales of the top 10 cars, in turn, is the harvard H6, baojun 560, kei GS4, changan CS75, refine the S3, road view, the kuwaitis, changan CS35, tiggo or dingle and the V3, the independent brand of eight seats, and scored the first five, and last year ranked second view of the public road to sixth place. By June, the self-owned brand had shrunk to three vehicles in the top 10, and the joint venture brand had begun to gain momentum.
  "The preferential joint venture brand does have a significant impact on the independent brand, and the original small SUV base is relatively small, after the launch began to meet a certain consumer group, resulting in a very significant growth rate. Yan jinghui told reporters.
  At present, the consumption of China's automobile market is mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end consumption field, and the demand for models is relatively low. In addition, the joint venture brands have successively segmented the product layout, beginning to seize the middle and low-end market.
  According to relevant statistics, in the Beijing auto show in the first half of this year, European series launched 15 SUV new cars, American series 3, Japanese series 7. For example, according to the new models released above this year, the price of domestic freiker ranges from 141,800 yuan to 178,800 yuan, the price of buick's new enkra ranges from 139,900 yuan to 189,900 yuan, and the price of Mazda's cx-4 ranges from 148,800 yuan to 215,800 yuan. The first two models are small suvs, while the latter is compact suvs.
  At the same time, the layout of the joint venture brand SUV is mainly on the compact SUV, but due to the strong development of Japanese brands, the development space of the joint venture brand small SUV will continue to expand. It is reported that Volkswagen group began to accelerate the development of small SUV market, including Volkswagen, skoda, siyat, audi will be launched a small SUV products.
  "With car companies vigorously enriching SUV products, the future price war is inevitable. If the independent brands do not adjust their product strategy in time and work on the cost performance, then for the independent brands, the 150,000-level SUV market will turn from a red sea to a Dead Sea." "He said.