Volkswagen visit jianghuai automobile or in the commercial vehicle new energy vehicle field

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  Two months ago, premier li keqiang of the state council finished his inspection of jianghuai automobile's production and research and development of new energy vehicle technology in the workshop of jianghuai group. As he prepared to leave, the premier told jac staff around him: "just now some of you told me that you want to work with Volkswagen, and I will tell their chairman at noon tomorrow!" A word out, immediately lit the market, triggered infinite association.
  On December 1, Volkswagen President and CEO heizmann attended the signing ceremony of schwarzman scholars project sponsored by Volkswagen group (China) at tsinghua university. After the ceremony, asked by reporters whether there was any substantive progress in the cooperation with jac, heizmann said that he had met with jac at the guangzhou auto show and established relevant contacts. At present, this project is still in its initial stage, and whether and how to cooperate remains to be seen.
  Recently, jianghuai automobile, insiders revealed to the "securities daily" reporters, on December 2 in the afternoon, jianghuai auto received a high standard mass global executives and two vice President of Volkswagen China level staff, "on December 1, jianghuai automobile, general manager of xing personally deployed to check at the beginning of the exhibition hall as well as an exhibition of car, reception as President of a country".
  According to another jianghuai automobile insiders, that afternoon, Volkswagen entourage also specially drove jianghuai holdings ankai bus, a high-speed ring around the circle.
  Then the reporter to the jianghuai automobile internal technical personnel for verification. He did not disclose details, but told reporters: "Volkswagen and jianghuai commercial vehicle cooperation is very unlikely, there is a possibility of new energy vehicles cooperation."
  Jac Volkswagen: commercial vehicles or new energy vehicles?
  In fact, on October 30, premier li keqiang visited jac to inspect the development and production of new energy vehicles, and tried to ride in an electric car. As the first state-owned enterprise to realize the overall listing in this round of reform, jianghuai automobile is obviously expected. In the future, in the context of national efforts to develop the new energy automobile industry, the cooperation with Volkswagen may play an exemplary role in the development of the new energy automobile industry.
  "The matter is still being discussed internally. I think it is more likely that Volkswagen will cooperate with jac on new energy vehicles." An anonymous jianghuai automotive technical personnel told reporters.
  "This cooperation is more about policy possibilities and the will of the people themselves. If there is co-operation, it remains to be seen how it will be done. Earlier, by adopting a new model of technical cooperation, byd and Daimler could break free from the constraints of joint venture targets." Senior auto analyst zhang zhiyong told the securities daily reporter.
  Zhang zhiyong believes that the country in the automotive industry policy has rigid restrictions, in the traditional fuel vehicles, Volkswagen and saic, faw has become partners, so the traditional joint venture is very unlikely. As a group company with a large number of models, Volkswagen may have a more diversified and flexible breakthrough, and the new energy field may be an opportunity.
  As for the new model mentioned before, as an industry precedent, byd and Daimler established a joint-venture company with equal proportion of shares -- shenzhen byd Daimler technology co., ltd. in 2011, focusing on the research and development of new energy vehicles, which evolved into the later tengshi automobile. Although Daimler has two partners in China, baic and fac, it still got the green light from the Chinese government after a struggle, and was granted valuable production qualifications. During the four years of cooperation between the two sides, great progress has been made in automobile appearance, interior materials, assembly production and other aspects.
  On the cooperation of the competition point, the national passenger car market information federation secretary cui dongshu said that the commercial vehicle sector is more worthy of attention. Objectively speaking, faw's Harbin light, yunnan hongta and saic's iveco and yuejin are not outstanding in the light truck field; In the middle truck segment, faw has its own heavy truck hongyan and J6, so it will not invest in vw in theory, which also provides conditions for jac to open up the cooperation channel with vw in the light and heavy truck field.
  According to the company's financial report for the third quarter of 2015, jac achieved a 100.57% increase in net profit thanks to the hot sales of its SUV and light truck models. At the same time, the performance of the new energy vehicle sector is also particularly eye-catching, after the iEV5 listing, up to October has sold a total of 7,488.
  The reporter learned that in July this year, Volkswagen truck business division integrated the resources of MAN truck and Scania truck to become the first heavy truck and bus manufacturer in Europe, from which we can also see the determination and pace of Volkswagen to enter the heavy truck field.
  The "eight characters" of disharmony
  However, if Volkswagen and jac want to cooperate in the field of new energy, there are still many problems to face and overcome.
  First, if jac and Volkswagen cooperate in the field of new energy, what will the "old friends" faw and saic think?
  In addition, the difference in research direction is also noteworthy. "Volkswagen has been working hard on plug-in hybrid technology to meet the 2020 fuel consumption limit," cui told reporters. While jianghuai mainly focuses on pure electric vehicles, their research direction has certain differences. And they are relatively weak in the field of new energy, so it is difficult for such cooperation to work."
  After the "emissions gate" incident in September, the Volkswagen group experienced an unprecedented dilemma of high-level personnel changes, market value evaporation, huge fines, at the same time, facing millions of vehicles to be recalled, the lack of brand credibility and the reputation of German manufacturing damage and other problems. The industry believes that it is difficult for Volkswagen to have the energy to develop a joint venture with a Chinese company at this time.
  On the other hand, jianghuai automobile, due to the lack of joint venture projects in passenger vehicles, has been slow in recent years, resulting in poor profitability; The commercial vehicle segment has been in a relatively depressed state due to the impact of China's economic downturn. It was not until the sales of ruifeng S3 and S2SUV that the business of passenger vehicles was faced with a worsening loss.
  And the jianghuai automobile new energy project, which has been facing a bottleneck in technology and capital, even considered a joint venture with zhengdao automobile for a time in order to obtain capital and technology, but the matter also fell through.
  In the questionnaire "how do you view the cooperation between Volkswagen and jac" released by a portal website, 35.91% of netizens are very optimistic about the cooperation and believe that jac will achieve rapid development with the strong support of Volkswagen group.
  Another 20.58% said they could not understand the real motivation for the cooperation. The cooperation between the two companies is either jianghuai's advantage car -- commercial vehicle, or the cheap car that Volkswagen always wanted to make. However, netizens also worry that this may turn jac into a domestic OEM factory for Volkswagen.
  By the time the securities daily went to press, jac had yet to respond to questions about the cooperation.