Machine tool products to green cleaner production

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  Clean, low energy consumption green manufacturing has become the development direction of the 21st century machinery manufacturing industry, but also the machine tool industry has been concerned about the topic of sustainable development. With the extensive application of advanced technology and products such as micro lubrication technology, oil mist recovery technology and water-soluble cutting fluid, the machine tool products are gradually moving towards green environmental protection and clean production.
  Micro-lubrication and oil mist recovery technology for machine tools
  Micro-lubrication technology is a new technology in metal cutting industry, which has obvious effect on production time and cost saving, and is reassuring on environmental protection. The drying process makes it easy to recycle the debris and clean the equipment.
  Bielomatik machinery from Germany, belonging to the German rauscher group, with mechanical technology, independent development of the lubrication system products. Bino single-channel micro-lubrication technology is mainly through the patented multi-nozzle oil and gas mixing technology to form oil mist from the nozzle, through the rotary joint and tool hole contact with the processing surface, the formation of trace lubrication. Single-channel micro-lubrication technology is suitable for medium and low speed metal processing equipment, but also for the internal structure of the complex spindle. The design is suitable for low viscosity lubricating oil, which is typically used in automatic production line and rotary processing equipment. If the process is known, it can also be used for machining center or equipment renovation. It is easy to install, specially designed for the transition from wet to dry cutting, and is connected to the inner hole of the tool for lubrication. Will, centralized lubrication products covering bearings, guide rail, slide rail, gear, chain and other various lubrication points, including single lubrication system, progressive type lubrication system, circulating lubrication system, oil and gas lubricating system and the fixed-point lubrication series, depending on the equipment and processing technology can save fifteen percent of the cost of production for the customer. At present, the main application areas such as aviation, aerospace, shipping and military, so the price is higher.
  Dropsa is an Italian company specializing in the production and development of centralized lubrication systems and equipment. Dropsa's micro lubrication and dry and nearly dry process lubrication technology has evolved over the years and has many customers, many of whom are highly regarded in their industry. Dropsa micro lubrication and dry machining systems are suitable for high speed bearings, allowing for continuous, accurate metering of lubricating oil at the friction points and easy adjustment to the oil supply of each bearing. Each oil supply process is monitored in multiple ways, including air pressure, oil supply conditions, etc. The pressure in the bearing chamber of each tubing can be controlled accurately, and the intermittent time and oil supply frequency of the system can be set flexibly, so the consumption of lubricating oil is low and there is no oil mist pollution. At the same time, the bearing cavity is under positive pressure, eliminating the possibility of foreign body contamination, and playing a certain cooling effect on the bearing. Mainly used in cutting machine tools, forging machine tools, casting machinery, CNC machinery.
  In addition to micro-lubrication technology, the use of oil mist recovery machine is also of great significance in keeping the workshop clean and improving the working environment of workers. At the same time, oil mist recovery can also save production costs by returning liquid oil products to the machine for reuse. Losma, an Italian company, began to design and manufacture oil mist recovery machines in 1974. Its Galileo new air and oil mist recovery machine is a new type of machine designed to combine dynamic and static filtration procedures with a unique oil drainage system to provide extremely high filtration efficiency. Special turbines have been designed to avoid contaminants, so that they do not overvibrate even if they have lots of particulate matter. And the maintenance is simple and fast, as long as the back cover to open the rear filter material to do irregular cleaning or replacement, 5 minutes can easily complete the maintenance work. Lightweight machine design and filter structure facilitate replacement of parts and consumables and ease of installation procedures on any machine, which can be directly mounted on the top of the machine or mounted on a stand.
  Green environmental water-soluble cutting fluid
  Water-soluble cutting fluid is to water and oil two kinds of insoluble substances organic combination, is a high technical requirements for the production of products, requirements to have the compatibility of water, to resist the deterioration of the anti - corrosion of materials and other aspects of the performance.
  Chemic is a specialized manufacturer of water-soluble cutting fluids, grinding fluids and cleaning agents. Chemicool takes the lead in abolishing the use of nitrite and high purity essential oil products in the industry, and always puts the safety of users before the development of products. The main product Chemicool is the technology accumulation of nearly 40 years since its establishment. Compared with previous cutting fluids, such as oleic lubricants and surfactants, whose components were relatively dispersed in the liquid, Chemicool's full synthesis technology forms a lubricating film around the blade and the heated part of the processing, while other parts maintain the characteristics of water, thus having higher cleaning and cooling properties.
  There are many types of soluble cutting fluids on the market. Although they are transparent at the beginning of use, the cutting fluids will become cloudy and deteriorate with the addition of other lubricating oils. Kamico's continuous transparency technology separates the other grease mixed with the cutting fluid and allows it to float above the fluid for easy removal, enabling the cutting fluid to remain transparent for a long time. In addition, in production, supply the new solution for a period of time before the liquid is easy to deteriorate, so the method of adding preservative before cutting fluid will pass to curb corruption, and Chemicool do not use chlorine additive, not for the purpose of sterilization, but using the stable biological technology in the control of cutting fluid composition not decomposition on the basis of the inhibition of bacteria breeding, can fundamentally solve the problem of the cutting fluid metamorphic corruption.
  At present, with the introduction of various cutting fluid restrictions, green manufacturing and clean production will attract more and more attention, China started late in this respect, but in recent years, under the government's strong promotion, China is making encouraging progress in promoting green manufacturing.