Fast DS series passenger car transmission leads the market new demand

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  Gear industry in the country to production and sales of more than ten billion yuan, and without controversy in China's heavy truck transmission industry dominance of the shaanxi method of gear co., LTD., with its science and technology in the field of transmission manufacturing advantages and scale advantages, toward the border guest, card new goal of win-win development continuously, independent research and development with DS series bus transmission fully shows the new products of advanced manufacturing technology and brand glamour, industry and market the user's wide acclaim.
  Focus on market hot spots and refine market demand. Shaanxi method and special gear limited liability company on the basis of the consolidated heavy card market, to speed up the pace of product structure adjustment and upgrading, and constantly develop personalized products, tailor-made for the passenger car market DS series transmission products cover 5 and 6, torque broad area covering 400-2400 nm, matching in highway operation of the bus, city bus, the luxurious tour bus, all kinds of passenger cars, such as small china-pakistan quickly preempted the market commanding heights. Among them, 5DS50T, 6DS50T, 6DS80T and many other transmissions mainly aim at fuel-saving middle and small bus products; The 6DS100T, 6DS130T, 6DS150T, 6DS180T, 6DS200T, 6DS240T and other lightweight aluminum alloy shell transmissions are tailored for city buses and luxury buses, providing a new optimized configuration for the replacement of the bus market, and fully demonstrating the strong technical strength and competitive strength of fast in the bus field to domestic and foreign customers.
  DS series passenger car gearbox in the design widely adopts the fast in the double intermediate shaft gearbox technology advanced idea, highlights the environmental protection, the energy saving, the lightweight characteristic, has the design science, the quality reliable, the cost performance high obvious advantage, has satisfied the passenger car user humanity, the large-scale development demand. First, in the passenger car transmission products to give full play to and make use of the double intermediate shaft structure of the advanced technology of transmission, the products are using the double cone full synchronizer design, improve the portability of the operation; Secondly, in the aspect of gear tooth shape and tooth direction, the "K" shape tooth modification design and the "fine and high tooth" technology are adopted to improve the gear meshing condition, so that the vehicle transmission is more stable, lower noise; The third is the widely used small center distance design and lightweight design, axial installation size is shorter, effectively save the vehicle layout space; At the same time, the constantly optimized design structure ensures the matching requirements of various retarders and makes the vehicle safer. Also according to the customer's different vehicle matching and layout requirements, the transmission of the control form and clutch control form as well as different assembly matching when the change of the connection size for adaptive design, can achieve a variety of controls, widely recognized by the user.
  Fast DS series passenger car transmission products have the advantage of cost control, and high-quality research and development team and quality assurance system, as well as the passenger car, truck mutual support, synchronous development of the huge service system, for the enterprise in the passenger car transmission field to achieve scale, series, high-quality development laid a solid foundation. Relying on the four advantages of fast brand in performance, quality, price and service system, the market prospect and space of DS series bus transmission products is very broad, and has successfully realized the batch matching of more than 330 models for dozens of passenger car factories.
  Fast truck in the market to establish a sound sales service network and quick response capacity, will also effectively help its bus product sales. On the one hand, it can transfer its successful experience of controlling the market in the truck field to the passenger car market. On the other hand, its successful practice in the truck market can also be used to help the development of passenger car products. This not only further expands the product market area of fast, but also further establishes the new goal of fast's win-win development in the field of customer and card. At the same time, fast also continue to deepen the service, in the supporting areas of a series of marketing activities, for the extensive development of the bus market has laid a solid foundation.