"Below" also maintains the chassis armor, which requires routine maintenance

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  The car owner that has certain experience to tell a reporter in car maintenance respect, his car made chassis armour when just bought, also pay attention to the maintenance of chassis very much later, the car bought already two or three years return brightness is like new. He still tells a reporter, after making chassis armour also cannot think everything is all right, to chassis did not add maintain, actually, maintain to chassis is very important also at ordinary times, especially to the car owner that did not do any antirust processing, it is so. Do well to common chassis maintenance, need to proceed from the following three systems.
  Drive system - choose the lubricating oil
  Most of the losses in the transmission system come from the mechanical transmission of the transmission and the main reducer. Transmission sound, heat and gear bearing in the main reduction gear adjustment is improper, or clutch slip, cause clutch assembly heat and driven disc burn, will cause power consumption increase. And this part of the power will be converted into heat released into the air, resulting in lower efficiency of mechanical components, and even damage to parts. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate lubricating oil to prevent excessive friction caused by parts damage. Improper selection of transmission system lubricating oil, such as oil viscosity, wear resistance and viscosity temperature characteristics can not meet the requirements of different seasons, different use conditions, will also cause the reduction of transmission efficiency. For example, under the same conditions, when summer lubricating oil is used in winter, the friction resistance between parts increases due to the high viscosity and poor lubricity, which further leads to the reduction of transmission efficiency. Therefore, when choosing to use lubricating oil, we must choose the varieties suitable for our own models, and pay attention to the selection of appropriate oil products for different weather conditions and use conditions. In addition, it should be noted that the clutch disc consumption is relatively large, to regularly check, timely replacement, to ensure driving safety.
  Driving system -- tire maintenance
  Whether the tightness of hub bearings is appropriate, whether the front wheel positioning is correct, whether the tire pressure is normal, will seriously affect the sliding performance of the car. Hub bearing too tight, will increase the wheel rotation friction; Too loose, the wheels are easy to tilt or sway in the driving, increasing the friction between the wheels and the ground, leading to the decline in the sliding performance of the car. It is recommended that car owners regularly to professional maintenance shop for hub tightness inspection and adjustment, to maintain the better working condition of the wheel ring.
  The correct positioning of the front wheels can ensure that the wheels are in the pure rolling state when the car is running, and can ensure the stability of the car and the portability of the steering. If the front wheel positioning is not correct, it will cause the car in the running of the front wheel roll with slip, not only make the wheel wear increase, but also will make the car in the running with the ground friction resistance increase, resulting in poor sliding performance, fuel consumption increase. Now the large car repair shop should have four-wheel positioning service, the owner can do other maintenance or maintenance at ordinary times also do four-wheel positioning project incidentally, the cost of time is more economical, more importantly, the safety is improved.
  The tire pressure should also be adjusted according to the weather and road conditions. Under the condition of higher temperature can lower the air pressure, in order to explosion-proof tires.
  Braking system - ensures sensitivity
  The performance of braking technology is directly related to the performance of automobile technology, reliability and safety. Good braking performance is the reliable guarantee of safe driving, but also can improve the working efficiency of the car. But once the parts of the brake adjustment, or excessive wear, resulting in the loss of the car's braking sensitivity, failure or off-track. If this has happened, the owner should immediately go to the repair point to adjust the brake system and replace the worn brake pads. When driving at ordinary times, you can try the working state of the brake first to ensure the normal travel.
  In addition to the maintenance of several systems, the chassis can also be cleaned and protected on the film, delaying the aging and rust of the chassis, and some foreign bodies can play a certain role of resistance.