Most car maintenance supplies lie

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  It is easier to buy a car than to use it. In the car market environment driven by economic interests, it is not easy to buy a desirable car, but in the purchase of automotive supplies, the encounter with a variety of exaggerated or even useless maintenance product advertising "deception". As a car gens, really not easy worry.
  The author through the investigation and interview, summed up the car maintenance supplies of a few "lies" and repair the car may encounter the trap, to help the owners of bright eyes, to protect their rights and interests.
  Lie no. 1: fuel-saving products make cars "perpetual motion machines"
  In the auto parts market, high-tech energy-saving products are numerous, almost every oil saver claims to work scientifically and reliably. Under the temptation of the advertisement, the owner Mr. Li spent more than 500 yuan to install an infrared fuel pump, but a month later, Mr. Li found that the car is not only no fuel economy, but increasingly weak power.
  At present, the existence of various fuel-saving products in the market is actually a "perpetual motion machine" concept, which is purely deceptive. For example, products that claim to use infrared energy to save fuel actually make gasoline more volatile. Say again nanotechnology, nano is not energy, how to aid combustion?
  In addition, there are many fuel-saving products through the control of engine fuel intake to save fuel, resulting in many vehicle engine failure. If these fuel-efficient products are indeed fuel-efficient, then why should the major car companies struggle to make technological changes in order to be included in the subsidy list? So that's not the case.
  Lie two: anti - wear products make your car free of oil
  In recent years, a new product has appeared on the automotive supplies market that claims to make vehicles run without oil. For car owners, there is no need to change the oil frequently. The product specification also says that the anti-wear products are not only free of tear and repair, but also can repair the wear and tear of vehicle parts, and even "save fuel and reduce emissions", which is said to be more environmentally friendly.
  It is understood that the working principle of most anti-wear products is to rely on deposition and adsorption to fill the piston and cylinder wall wear gap. However, trying to make the crankshaft, bearing, gear, valve and other metal parts in the engine without deposition and thickening through this small product seems a little exaggerated, and the addition of additives such as anti-wear agent may cause the oil stratification and other imbalance, the owner should be careful to choose.
  Lie 3: "light catalyst" root cure inside peculiar smell
  Some car owners in order to dispel the strong interior taste, in the 4S shop staff recommended the selection of "photocatalyst" products. But most owners say the effect isn't as dramatic as advertised.
  Some "photocatalyst" products on the market cost only a few dozen yuan, but into the maintenance package, charge no less than the explosion-proof membrane products. In addition to flavor products, the effect is limited, the effect is not immediately possible to see. "Photocatalyst" products are divided into water-soluble and oil-soluble, water-soluble "photocatalyst" is relatively environmentally safe, but technology is a challenge for many manufacturers. General producers use oily solution "photocatalyst", but because the organic solution composition is unknown, can not guarantee that will not produce toxic effect.
  Although "photocatalyst" product sterilization effect is good, but the market can not find to do once or twice to solve the car odor products. It is more reliable if the owner keeps a charcoal bag in the car to remove odors.